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SSDI is the only ISO17025 forensically accredited serology laboratory producing laboratory and home use test kits. We pride ourselves in providing the best available testing solutions for any client, including presumptive and confirmatory test cartridges to confirm the presence of semen, saliva, and blood.

Our NEW Forensic Infidelity Home Testing Kit will allow you to pre-screen up to four samples with each kit by testing the samples for Acid Phosphatase, and confirming any positive result with a follow up Prostate Specific Antigen Test that is included in every kit. The pre-screening test instructions are very easy to follow, and results are read within 30 seconds of the test being performed. Due to the sensitivity of the AP test, false positive results may be obtained from other bodily fluids, including vaginal discharge. In the case that you obtain a positive test result with our AP kit, you will want to confirm the results with our Prostate Specific Antigen Test, which will confirm the presence of semen. If DNA extraction and comparison is needed for your peace of mind, or for a legal reason, we can provide the subsequent DNA extraction and analysis through our accredited laboratory.

We have provided testing kits to re-sellers, attorneys, private investigators, crime labs, and other forensic laboratories. As of 2012, we have sold more then 50,000 semen detection test kits alone.

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